25 Amazing Samara Facts

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Samara Facts

Fun & Fascinating Samara Facts

Samara is situated in the south-eastern part of European Russia, the Volga Federal District, at the confluence of the Volga and Samara Rivers.

  1. The city was officially founded in 1586 as a fortress protecting the Volga trade route.

  2. In 1935, Samara was renamed to Kuybyshev in honour of the Bolshevik leader Valerian Kuybyshev, it was changed back to Samara in 1991.

  3. The city experiences a continental climate. Having hot summers and cold winters. Summers have an average temperature of 15 degrees and winters are colder with an average temperature of -13 degrees.

  4. Samara has been hosting the legendary Grushinsky festival of guitar poetry since 1968.

  5. Joseph Stalin’s secret bunker is buried 37 metres below Samara, Built-in 1942.

  6. Kuibyshev Square in Samara is the largest European square and the seventh largest in the world.

  7. Samara lies along the Volga River at the latter’s confluence with the Samara River.

  8. Samara was planned to be the soviet unions capital city if Moscow was taken by the Nazi-Germans during world war II.

  9. Kuybyshev (1935 to 1991) was the old city name, before being changed to Samara after the collapse of Soviet Union.

  10. Samarai is one of the 11 Russian Cities to host matches during the 2018 World Cup, Hosting four group games, and one Round of 16 matches and a quarter-final.

  11. Samara is the Administrative centre of Samara Oblast and serves as the Administrative centre of the Volzhskiy District.

  12. Samara has an Asteroid named after it, Belgian Astronomer Eric Walter Elst has discovered over 3,000 minor planets and on October 1996, he named the asteroid 26922 Samara, on June 1, 2007.

  13. Samara is a major economic, transport, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of the country

  14. Samara is a multi-faith city with a lot of Orthodox churches, monasteries, old believers’ churches, mosques, a synagogue, Catholic and Protestant churches.

  15. The coat of arms of Samara depicts a white goat.

  16. Samara s twinned with Zhengzhou and Shenzhen, China; St. Louis, United States; Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Stuttgart, Germany; Denizli, Turkey; Koper, Slovenia; Palermo, Italy and Tongyeong, South Korea.

  17. One of the greatest composers of the 20th century, Dmitriy Shostakovich lived and worked in Samara during the Great Patriotic War.

  18. founded in 1881 by an Austrian nobleman and philanthropist Alfred von Wakano, Zhigulevsky brewery in Samara is one of the oldest beer produces in Russia.

  19. All Russian and USSR Rockets were designed in Samara.

  20. Samara is considered the place of creation of the first accordion.

  21. Samara is known for the production of aerospace launch vehicles, satellites and various space services

  22. There are over 150 large and medium industrial plants in the city.

  23. Samara has 14 museums and 8 theatres and other cultural institutions.

  24. The population of Samara is about 1.17 Million.

  25. The strange tunnels in Shiryaevo are considered to be one of the most mysterious tourist attractions full of untold secrets.


Samara Facts
Fascinating Samara Facts