30 Interesting Facts About Estonia

Facts About Estonia

Facts About Estonia

  1. Estonia has the highest number of supermodels per capita, 74 models per 1 million people.
  2. Estonian women had the right to vote as early as in 1917.
  3. Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world.
  4. The world’s most performed living composer, Arvo Pärt, is an Estonian.
  5. In 1994, Estonia became the first country to institute the flat income tax.
  6. Estonia is one of Europe’s least crowded countries, with a population density of 28.4 people per square kilometre.
  7. Estonia ranks third in having the most startups per capita in Europe.
  8. The Estonian capital, Tallinn, was the home of the first publicly displayed Christmas tree in 1441.
  9. 50 per cent of Estonia is covered by forests.
  10. Estonia has 2,222 islands and islets in the Baltic.
  11. Estonia’s famous liqueur Vana Tallinn was invented in 1962.
  12. The highest point in the country is Suur Munamägi “Big Egg Mountain”, just 318 metres (1,043ft) above sea level.
  13. An estimated 7.3 per cent of Estonia’s population was killed during the Second World War.
  14. Estonian is the official language. Russian is also widely spoken.
  15. The Estonian currency was the Kroon, but they have joined the Euro-zone and Euro is their official currency now
  16. Estonia is named after the “Ests” who inhabited the region in the First Century AD.
  17. Estonia is the least religious country in the world with only 14% of the population claiming any religious beliefs.
  18. Estonia is the 132nd-smallest country in the world by landmass.
  19. Estonia has two Unesco World Heritage sites: The historic old town of Tallinn and the Struve Geodetic Arc.
  20. The Song Festival, held every five years in Tallinn, is famous for the highest number of choral singers on stage at once.
  21. Estonia has one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world, 99.8%.
  22. In 2005, Estonia was the first country in the world to adopt online voting.
  23. the Ruhnu stave church, built-in 1644, is the oldest surviving wooden building in the country.
  24. Tallinn’s St Olaf’s Church was the world’s tallest building from 1549 to 1625, with a height of 159m.
  25. Saaremaa, an oak tree in the middle of a football field in Orissaare, won European Tree of the Year Award in 2015.
  26. Pööripäev or Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year in Estonia, taking place on 21 December. On the solstice, there are only 6 hours of daylight.
  27. Estonian wooden house manufacturers are among the biggest exporters of wooden houses in Europe.
  28. Estonia’s largest factory, Krenholm, began operation in 1858. By 1913, the company employed 10,200 people.
  29. The first meal consumed in space was prepared in Estonia
  30. Estonia’s deepest and the world’s largest oil shale mine, is 70 metres deep and 18 metres below sea level.
Facts About Estonia
Facts About Estonia


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