5 Reasons to carry a portable Battery Charger


Devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Watches etc. all need to be charged pretty much at least once a day, depending on how much you use them, and we all know that we are always on our phones at least 10+ hours a day, looking at the screen, this just means we are using the battery and end up having to charge your device, this is why portable power banks are getting more and more popular, I have created 5 reasons why you should always have a portable power bank and why.

Reason One: Travelling

Travelling when you on a trip or backpacking, will consist of you being on your devices such as smartphones, tablets etc, devices like smartphones are now considered to be an essential part of travelling, whether its to check for flights, hotels, hostels and activities, its an easy and usually cost effective way of navigating around the Cities, you can take pictures and videos without needing to spend on a expensive camera, since all the functions you perform take up battery, having a portable power bank/battery charger it will come in handy and most of the time save the day.

Reason Two: Convenience

Having a power bank on you, Will easy your mind specially when you going somewhere and it takes a couple of hours to get there, this is because you usually spend most of your time on your devices such as smartphones and tablets, having to be careful such as not listen to music or open apps because it will kill your battery, this can make your journey boring specially if you on your own, so having a power bank will help you out massively and they are usually pretty small, you can usually put them in your pocket or your handbag.

Reason Three: keep in touch with family and friends

Depending on your age, if you travelling parents will get worried about you, so if they know you have a extra battery to charge your device and let them know you are okay, will easy their mind and it kinda makes your journey safer, you can also keep up to date with social media and let your friends know what you up to.

Reason Four: Playing Music & Games

If you anything like me you enjoy playing music and games, while you on the buss, plane or even at work, it keeps you busy and occupied, but you always have to put your phone on battery save mode, so you don’t waste your battery, having a portable charger save you that hassle on having 1 hour or 2 left with out a device to keep you busy to pass the time.

Reason Five: Not Just Your Phone, Laptops & Cameras as well

Portable Battery Charger wouldn’t just charge your smartphone and tablets, they also charge your cameras and laptops, people who love taking photographs, that look profession they would love portable battery charges, it lets them take photos all day and night, specially the wildlife photographs they can be in one area for a long time to take a perfect photo.
Editing or even browsing the internet on your laptop, will drain the battery and we all know that the battery on cameras and laptops are dreadful.


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