8 Dzūkija National Park Facts

Dzūkija National Park Facts

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Dzūkija National Park Facts

  1. The Dzūkija National park is the largest protected area in Lithuania.
  2. Dzūkija National park was established in 1991 in order to preserve the pine forests, the landscape, and the villages of the region.
  3. The National park area encompasses 584.53 square kilometres on the banks of the Nemunas River.
  4. The Dzūkija National park belongs to both the Association of Baltic National Parks and the Federation of European National Parks.
  5. The ethnographic village of Zervynos can be found within the park.
  6. During the Soviet occupation (1944-1990) the Forest became a “home” to thousands of people forced out of their villages who joined the guerilla campaign for Lithuanian freedom.
  7. 30 rivers and streams flow through the National Park.
  8. The park contains 12 historical, 25 archaeological, 10 architectural and 35 art monuments.
Dzūkija National Park Facts
Dzūkija National Park Facts
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