8 Interesting Facts About Ainaži

Facts About Ainaži

Facts About Ainaži

  1. “Ainaži ” may be derived from the Estonian word heinastee meaning “hay-road”.
  2. Ainaži is a harbour town in the Vidzeme region of Latvia.
  3. The town is located near the Estonian border on the site of an ancient Livonian fishing village.
  4. Ainaži was first mentioned in 1564.
  5. A wind turbine was built in Ainaži as well as a customs house on the Estonian border.
  6. Ainaži is twinned with Häädemeeste Parish, Estonia; Cēsis, Latvia & Miežiškiai, Lithuania.
  7. The Population of Ainaži is 663, as of 2019.
  8. Ainaži received town rights in 1926.
Facts About Ainaži
Interesting Facts About Ainaži