10 Interesting Facts About Riga Central Market

Facts About Riga Central Market

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Facts About Riga Central Market

  1. Riga Central Market is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list together with Old Riga since 1998.
  2. Riga Central Market was built from 1924 to 1930.
  3. The main structures of the market are five pavilions constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangars and incorporating Neoclassicism and Art Deco styles.
  4. The market is 72,300 square metres wide with more than 3,000 trade stands.
  5. Produce has been sold on the banks of Daugava since 1571 and in 1863 trade stand rows were built.
  6. The architecture was influenced by practical need as well as Neoclassicism. The Zeppelin hangars gave the pavilions their look and only certain parts could be accented with Art Deco style.
  7. On October 18, 1983, the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic’s Council of Ministers announced the market as a cultural heritage site.
  8. In 2009 market renovation plans were proposed and plans conceived in 2010.
  9. Riga Central Market is Europe’s largest market and bazaar in Riga, Latvia.
  10. The joint-stock company Rīgas Centrāltirgus is currently owned by the Riga municipality and the Chairman of the Board since 2010 is Anatolijs Abramovs.
Facts About Riga Central Market
Facts About Riga Central Market
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