8 Interesting Facts About Maardu

Maardu Facts

Facts About Maardu

  1. The Port of Muuga, the largest cargo port in Estonia, is partly located in Maardu.
  2. Maardu is a town and a municipality in Harju County, Estonia. It is part of the Tallinn metropolitan area.
  3. Maardu may be divided into four parts: Kallavere, Muuga aedlinn, Kärmu & Kroodi.
  4. The cooperation agreement between Jēkabpils and Maardu was signed on February 16, 2003 in Jēkabpils. In order to develop economic ties between the two towns.
  5. Maardu received the status of a town in 1980, and since 7 November 1991, it has been an independent administrative unit.
  6. The estimated Population of Maardu is 15,077, as of 2017.
  7. The town covers an area of 22.76 km²,
  8. Maardu village was first mentioned in 1241 and the manor in 1397.
Maardu Facts
Interesting Facts About Maardu