8 Interesting Facts About Nove Zamky

Facts About Nove Zamky

Facts About Nove Zamky

  • Nové Zámky is a town in Nové Zámky District in the Nitra Region of in southwestern Slovakia.
  • The town is located on the Danubian Lowland, on the Nitra River, at an altitude of 119 metres.
  • Nové Zámky is twinned with Fonyód, Hungary; Sevnica, Slovenia; Tábor, Czech Republic & Znojmo, Czech Republic.
  • The Elevation altitude of Nove Zamky is 119 metres.
  • The town lies in the temperate zone and has a continental climate. The annual average temperature reaches around 10 °C (50.0 °F), with the warmest month being July with an average of 20 °C (68 °F) and the coldest January with −2 °C (28 °F). Average annual precipitation is 556 mm.
  • In 1685, Nove Zamky was conquered by the imperial troops of Charles V, Duke of Lorraine. Six years later, it received town privileges from the Esztergom archbishop.
  • The total area of Nove Zamky is 72.565 km2.
  • The Geographic Coordinates of Nove Zamky: 47°59′08″N 18°09′28″E
Facts About Nove Zamky
Interesting Facts About Nove Zamky