25 Amazing Facts about Alicante

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Facts about Alicante

Fun & Interesting  Facts About Alicante


  1. Alicante is a Spanish city, the capital of the province of Alicante
  2. The Romans named Alicante “Lucentum,” which means “City of Light”
  3. It is an important Mediterranean port
  4. It has a land mass of 77.7 sq miles
  5. The Castle of Santa Bárbara is one of the major sights of the city
  6. In 1950, Benidorm was the first tourist resort to accept bikinis on the beach
  7. Over 115.000 tons of rice is being produced in Alicante every year.
  8. The Costa Blanca has one of the healthiest climates in Europe according to World Health Organisation
  9. In Europe, only London and Milan have more skyscrapers than Benidorm
  10. The name Costa Blanca was dreamed up by British European Airways as a promotional gimmick to promote its flights between London and Valencia in the 1950s.
  11. Santa Barbara’s Castle is 166 meters up the Benacantil mountain
  12. Costa Blanca means white coast
  13. The city serves as the headquarters of the European Union Intellectual Property Office
  14. Both Spanish and “Valenciano” languages are spoken in Alicante.
  15. The Explanada de Espana promenade, lined by 400 palm trees, is paved with 6.6 million red, black and cream marble tiles
  16. Typically Mediterranean – hot summers and mild winters. Little rainfall
  17. The amount of rainfall per year in Alicante is 12.2 inches or 311 mm
  18. One of the fastest growing cities in Spain was Alicante before it was affected by the global recession in 2008
  19. the city has the University of Alicante. The campus is located along San Vicente del Raspeig.
  20. Ciudad de la Luz is one of the largest film studios in Europe
  21. the foreigners who live in Alicante occupy 15 percent of the whole population
  22. Sonia Castedo Ramos she was elected as the mayor, she is the first woman to holds this position in Alicante.
  23. Based on the population it is the eighth-largest metropolitan area of Spain.
  24. The Gothic Church of Santa Marí­a from the 14th-16th centuries was built over the former main Arab mosque.
  25. The record of the highest temperature occurred on the city on 4 July 1994. It was 107 degree F or 41.1 degree C.

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