Santa Bárbara Castle

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Santa Bárbara Castle

Santa Bárbara castle is a fortification in the middle of Alicante, Spain. It stands on Mount Benacantil.

Bronze Age, Iberian, and Roman artifacts have been found at the slopes of the mountain, but the origins of the citadel date to the ninth century at the time of Muslim manage of the Iberian Peninsula, from 711 till 1296.

From the 18th century the navy role of the fort has declined and it become used now and again as a prison. The fort remained deserted till 1963, when it became opened to the public.

Even though this powerful castle perched as it’s miles, on top of a mountain with sheer aspects seems impregnable it became defeated on numerous events. when the British had control of the citadel they had been defeated by way of the Spanish who dug a cave into the mountain aspect, stuffed it with gunpowder and lit the fuse, blasting the mountain apart and an excellent proportion of the fortress with it.

Santa Barbara fortress has everything you’ll anticipate, cannons, a palace, dungeons, a moat, the ruins of a small church and of route that famous lookout tower.

You can’t miss this castle, its located on top of mount Benacantil, in the center of Alicante, this santa Barbara castle is a popular tourist attractions.

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