10 Informative Sarek National Park Facts

Sarek National Park Facts

Sarek National Park Facts

  1. Sarek National Park is a national park in Jokkmokk Municipality, Lapland in northern Sweden.
  2. Sarek National Park is the most mountainous region in Sweden and it is the part of the country that mostly resembles an alpine countryside.
  3. The area of the park is 1,977 km2 (763 sq mi) and it is adjacent to the national parks Padjelanta (in the west) and Stora Sjöfallet (in the north).
  4. Sarek National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe, Established in 1909–1910. The results of a decision by the Swedish Parliament in 1909.
  5. The Sarek National park was the main setting of the 2017 film The Ritual.
  6. Sarek is the national park with six of Sweden’s thirteen highest mountains and almost 100 glaciers.
  7. The national park also is known for its wildlife, including large elk and many predators.
  8. In 1996 the national park became part of the Laponia World Heritage Site, along with Muddus/Muttos, Padjelanta/Badjelánnda, Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke and the Sjávnja and Stubbá nature reserves.
  9. The Sami have the right to make use of the land for themselves and their animals, with the exception of the right to hunt for elk. The elk hunting exception applies to the entire national park.
  10. The park has over 100 glaciers, making it one of the most glacier-rich areas in Sweden.
Sarek National Park Facts
Sarek National Park Facts