8 Informative Facts About Kalmar

Facts About Kalmar

Facts About Kalmar

  1. Kalmar is a city in the southeast of Sweden, situated by the Baltic Sea.
  2. The area around Kalmar has been inhabited since ancient times. Excavations have found traces of stone age grave fields.
  3. The Population of Kalmar is, as of
  4. The oldest city seal of Kalmar is from somewhere between 1255 and 1267, making it the oldest known city seal in Scandinavia.
  5. The Population of Kalmar Municipality is 244,670, as of 2019. 
  6. The new city of Kalmar was built on Kvarnholmen around the mid-1600s. The transfer from the old town was largely completed by 1658.
  7. Kalmar is adjacent to the main route to the island of Öland over the Öland Bridge.
  8. The city is home to parts of Linnaeus University.
Informative Facts About Kalmar
Informative Facts About Kalmar