12 Amazing Facts about Inverness

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St Andrew's Cathedral Inverness


  1. The very First British Cabinet meeting held outside of London, took place in Inverness.

  2. The city was only given a city status in 2001 however unlike other cities, it wasn’t given any defined boundaries.

  3. Helen Mirren got married in Ardersier.

  4. The first Inverness Castle was built out of wood and was burnt down by King Robert I, also known as Robert the Bruce.

  5. Inverness holds an annual cattle and wool market.

  6. Inverness is known as the “Capital of the Highlands”.

  7. Inverness Airport was ranked the third top United Kingdom Airport Category of the Wanderlust Travel Awards, it was the highest ranking Scottish Airport.

  8. Craig Phadrig was once Pictish King’s stronghold, situated above the city, it now offers interesting forest walks and beautiful views of the Moray Firth.

  9. Abertarff House is the oldest complete building in Inverness it was built in 1593 and now owned by the National Trust of Scotland.

  10. The loch holds more fresh water than all the lochs and lakes in England and Wales combined. It is 23 miles long and about a mile wide.

  11. Loch Ness is part of the Caledonian Canal, which connects Inverness to Fort William.

  12. Inverness means “mouth of the river Ness” and is the United Kingdoms most Northerly City.


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