Amazon Prime Air Drone Project; Successful Test

Amazon have the largest outdoor test center in United Kingdom however they didn’t say what part of  UK ,the tests are at only that “Cambridge is one of a number of testing sites in the country”, Amazon currently already have a R&D lab in Cambridge, so it’s not a big surprise that Cambridge is one of their test sites.

Amazon are trying to build drops so they can deliver products such as DVDs, Books and Amazon Fire TV Stick within 30 minutes to its customers.

However before all of this can happen, amazon have to undertake number of tests to make sure the drones wouldn’t be crash in to trees, houses or even its customers, now that would make a good headline.

Amazon are doing multi tests around the world, but United Kingdom is their largest test center.

The drones will use GPS coordinates to locate their delivery address, and will fly to a height of 400ft, the drone are monitored by a safety operator, who will eventually watch several drones at the same time.

Successful test made by amazon prime on their first prime air drone delivery, first ever delivery included an amazon prime streaming stick and a bag of popcorn, straight to the garden of a customer who lives nearby.

Amazon are not the only one creating drone for delivery, google have also its own delivery drone project in the works. could this be the future.

Amazon have released this video, showing how the drone works and operates: