Calahorra Tower

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Calahorra Tower

Calahorra Tower is a fortified gate inside the ancient center of Córdoba.

The Tower was built in the late 12th century, to protect the close by roman bridge, by Almohad Caliphate, The tower which stands on the left bank of the river, the tower was built for an arched gate between the two towers.

The la Calahorra tower was from built as a fortified gate by the Moors and then restored by King Enrique the 2nd in 1369 to defend the city against his brother, Pedro the first who was know as the cruel.

The building was restored in 1369 by king Henry II of Castile. A third tower was added to the existing ones, in the shape of two cylinder connecting them.

It has a Latin move plan with 3 hands formed through the towers joined via quarter cylinders and completed off with crenelations. It incorporates of 8 rooms and houses the 3 cultures museum.

In 1931, the Calahorra Tower was declared as the countries ancient monument.

It currently hosts the residing Museum of al-Andalus, which celebrates the duration whilst the Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures lived in non violent coexistence within the metropolis.

The Tower was later restored, along with the Gates of the Bridge, Roman Bridge and the area surrounding the the tower, European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage and the Europa Nostra Award in 2014 was awarded to the city.

The tower itself provides an outstanding panoramic view of the river and areas around it.

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Address: Puente Romano, s/n, 14009 Córdoba, Spain