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  • 10 Amazing Facts about Exeter

    10 Amazing Facts about Exeter

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    FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT EXETER   The Exeter Guildhall is the oldest civic building in Britain, parts of the building dates as far back as 1160. Exeter was founded by the Romans, once called Isca and was the tribal capital of the Domnonirums. There are 7 other places around the world called Exeter, including…

  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum

    Royal Albert Memorial Museum

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    Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, the short name for it is ‘RAMM’, It’s a museum and art gallery in Exeter, its the largest museum in the city. It holds vast and diverse collections in areas such as: zoology, anthropology, fine artwork, nearby and overseas archaeology, and geology. The museum is housed in a Gothic…

  • Jurassic Coast

    Jurassic Coast

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    The Jurassic Coast located on the English Channel Coast, stretches from the Exmouth in East Devon to the Studland Bay in Dorset, which is a distance of 96 miles. The geological history spans over 185 million years from the Triassic, Jurassic and the Cretaceous periods. Through out history the area has been a desert, shallow…

  • Exeter’s Underground Passages

    Exeter’s Underground Passages

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    Exeter’s Underground Passages were medieval tunnels built to house led pipes which were used to supply Exeter with fresh water. These are the only passages of this kind open to the public in Britain. The construction of the very first passage began in 1346, which was designed to bring water to Exeter’s Cathedral. Exeter was an…

  • Exeter Cathedral

    Exeter Cathedral

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    Exeter Cathedral is also known as the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter at Exeter, it’s a Anglican Cathedral and seats the Bishop of Exeter. The Building was completed around the 1400’s and has several notable features, such as the Astronomical clock, the longest uninterrupted vaulted ceiling in England and an early set of misericords. It’s…

  • Photographs of Exeter

    Photographs of Exeter

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    Exeter Exeter is located southwest of england, it dates back to roman era, river exe runs though the city, some famous land marks like the exeter castle, rougemont Gardens and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, also a medieval underground passages beneath the city. Information & Statistics The oldest hotel in Britain is The Royal Clarence…