City of Malaga

City of Malaga Spain

Malaga is located on the southern Spain’s Costa del sol, it’s the sixth largest city in Spain and Europe’s largest southernmost city, it’s a port city that was once known as the poor cousin of Seville, however over the years the city had a massive expansion to give it a cultural rebirth, and the port city now has amazing monuments, cuisines with beautiful golden-yellow sand beaches.

Facts about Malaga

  • Malaga has two Moorish castles
  • Birth City of Picasso, who has a museum(Museo Picasso Malaga) after him with his personal works
  • Malaga is the southernmost large city in Europe, Only  80 miles north of Africa.
  • Malaga is one of the world’s oldest cities. When the city was founded by the Phoenicians in 770 BC, it was known as Malaka.
  • Malaga is one of the world’s oldest cities it was founded by the Phoenicians back in 770BC, and had a slightly different name; Malaka.
  • Malaga enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine and only 50 days of rain each year due to its location.

Places to visit

Costa del Sol
Alcazaba of Malaga
Museo Picasso Malaga
Carmen Thyssen Museum
Port of Malaga

Malaga Cathedral
Centre Pompidou Malaga
Museum Jorge Rando
Plaza de toros de La Malagueta
Desembocadura del Guadalhorce
Roman Theatre








Málaga, Spain

Malaga Beach


Malaga, Spain
Latitude:36.719646° / Longitude:-4.420019°

You can view the city in 360 degrees:

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