City of Utrecht

City of Utrecht

City of Utrecht 

Utrecht is known as one of the oldest cities and has a rich history, being one of the most important cities in Netherlands, it is the pride and enjoy of a beautiful nation. The structures and architecture can be dated as far back as High middle ages.

The location of the city really gives it that advantage, located in a central position it is the hub of transport for both road and rail way transport.

The population of youth is also high, as University of Utrecht is the largest University in the Netherlands, and has a population of 40,000 students, making it a very vibrant city, with lots of opportunities.

Motto: “‎Sol Iustitiae Illustra Nos”

Facts and Figures 

There are 12 archaeological national heritage sites.

There are about 159 different nationalities

Elevation: 16ft

Postcode: 3450–3455, 3500–3585

Surface Area: 99 km²

Hotels: 50 | Restaurants: 350 | Cafés:150 | Universities & Colleges: 7 | Museums:13 | Theatres/ Concert halls: 14

It is home to the main offices of both the Catholic and Protestant faiths.


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