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  • Flag of Sint Maarten

    Flag of Sint Maarten


    Flag of Sint Maarten The flag of Sint Maarten is a horizontal bicolour of red and white, with the national emblem of Sint Maarten centred on the dividing line. In the middle of the flag, centred along the division line between the red and white fields, appears the coat of arms of Sint Maarten. The…

  • Flag of Curacao

    Flag of Curacao


    The flag of Curaçao is a very important symbol for the people of Curacao. The island is one of five islands that make up the Netherlands Antilles. These islands have been part of the Netherlands since 1845 and are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means that although they have their…

  • Flag of Bonaire

    Flag of Bonaire

    Flag of Bonaire The flag of Bonaire was adopted on March 18, 1976. It has three horizontal bands: the top is red, the middle band is white with five black five-pointed stars, and the bottom band is blue. The flag also contains a yellow triangle in the upper left corner. The flag is modelled after…

  • List of Cities and Towns in The Netherlands

    List of Cities and Towns in The Netherlands


    The first city to be granted city rights in the Kingdom of the Netherlands was Deventer in 956, however, some cities such as Nijmegen may have received their city status during the Roman Empire or the city of Voorburg, who was granted city status in AD 151. The last city to receive city status was…

  • 10 Amazing Facts about Hoorn

    10 Amazing Facts about Hoorn

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    FUN & INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT HOORN   Old Legend says that Hoorn was be founded by Hornus, Hornus would have established a settlement In 716, Western Friesland. However, this is just a legend. Hoorn was established as a city in 1357, city rights were given by Willem V. After Amsterdam, Hoorn is the next most…

  • Centrum Varend Erfgoed Hoorn

    Centrum Varend Erfgoed Hoorn

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    Centrum Varend Erfgoed Hoorn is a museum situated in the harbour area of Hoorn, it’s a beautiful location with access to the large open waters of the Marker and Ijsselmeer, the ship in which the museum is situated in is the living memory of the history of the city and Holland, Hoorn was once a…

  • Verhalenark in Hoorn

    Verhalenark in Hoorn

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    The Verhalenark in Hoorn is based on Noah’s Ark, its the first floating Bible museum in the world and was designed to be same as the original ark based from the bibles description of the ark, the Bible states that the Ark is about a hundred and forty meters long, however the Verhalenark is only seventy meters…

  • Westfries Museum

    Westfries Museum

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    The Westfries Museum is a historical and cultural museum situated in Hoorn, it was opened on the 10th of January 1880, the building originally belonged to the Gecommitteerde Raden van West-Friesland en het Noorderkwartier, as a part of the Staten van Holland en West-Friesland, the Museum comprises over 30,000 objects

  • Museum of the 20th Century

    Museum of the 20th Century

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    Museum of the 20th Century first opened its doors in April 1994, situated in Oostereiland, a peninsula in the harbour of Hoorn