List of Cities and Towns in The Netherlands

Cities and Towns in The Netherlands

The first city to be granted city rights in the Kingdom of the Netherlands was Deventer in 956, however, some cities such as Nijmegen may have received their city status during the Roman Empire or the city of Voorburg, who was granted city status in AD 151. The last city to receive city status was Delfshaven in 1825.  The institution of city status gradually came to an end with the development and centralization of a national government.

In the 19th century, a number of important towns wanted to call themselves cities, the custom of granting city status was briefly revived, and the Hague received a city status, among other major towns.

Some towns, cities and Municipality might not have any information within the City rights section, this could be that the information is either not available or before city rights were established.

List of Cities and Town in the Netherlands organised by Province and then by Name


NameCity or TownCity Rights


NameCity or TownCity Rights


NameCity or TownCity Rights
BolswardCity 1455
DokkumTown 1298
FranekerCity 1374
HarlingenCity 1234
HindeloopenCity 1372
IJlstCity 1315
LeeuwardenCity 1285
SlotenCity 1426
SneekCity 1456
StavorenCity 1118
WorkumCity 1374


NameCity or TownCity Rights
ApeldoornCity N/A
ArnhemCity 1233
BredevoortCity 1388
BurenTown 1395
CulemborgCity 1318
DeilVillage N/A
DierenCity N/A
DoetinchemTown 1237
EdeCity N/A
EnspijkTown N/A
GendtCity 1233
GroenloCity 1277
HarderwijkCity 1231
HattemCity 1299
HeukelumCity 1391
HuissenTown 1348
NijkerkCity 1413
NijmegenCity Roman
TielTown 12??
WageningenTown 1263
WijchenTown N/A
WinterswijkTown N/A
ZaltbommelCity 1315
ZevenaarCity 1487
ZutphenCity 1190


NameCity or TownCity Rights
AppingedamCity 1327
DelfzijlCity 1819
GroningenCity 1245
StadskanaalTown N/A
VeendamTown N/A
WinschotenCity 1819


NameCity or TownCity Rights
GeleenCity N/A
GennepCity 1371
HeerlenCity N/A
KerkradeTown N/A
KesselCity N/A
LandgraafMunicipality N/A
MaastrichtCity 1204
MontfortTown 1271
NieuwstadtCity 1271
RoermondCity 1231
SittardCity 1243
Schin op GeulVillage N/A
SteinTown N/A
ThornTown N/A
ValkenburgMunicipality 1452
VenloCity 1272
WeertCity 1414

North Brabant

NameCity or TownCity Rights
Bergen op ZoomCity 1212
BredaCity 1212
BoxtelTown N/A
‘s-HertogenboschCity 1185
EindhovenCity 1232
GeertruidenbergCity 1213
GraveMunicipality 1233
HelmondCity 1346
HeusdenTown 1318
KlundertCity 1357
OosterhoutCity 1809
OssCity 1399
RavensteinCity 1380
RoosendaalCity 1809
Sint-OedenrodeTown N/A
TilburgCity 1809
ValkenswaardTown N/A
VeldhovenTown N/A
WaalwijkCity 1303
WillemstadCity 1585
WoudrichemCity 1356
GeldropTown N/A

North Holland

NameCity or TownCity Rights
AlkmaarCity 1254
AmstelveenMunicipality N/A
AmsterdamCity 1300
Den HelderCity N/A
EdamTown 1357
EnkhuizenCity 1355
HaarlemCity 1245
HeerhugowaardCity N/A
HilversumCity N/A
HoofddorpTown N/A
HoornTown 1357
LarenTown N/A
PurmerendCity 1410
MedemblikTown 1289
MonnickendamTown 1355
MuidenCity 1296
NaardenCity 1300
SchagenCity 1415
VelsenMunicipality N/A
VolendamTown N/A
WeespCity 1355
ZaanstadMunicipality N/A


NameCity or TownCity Rights
AlmeloCity 1394
BlokzijlCity 1672
DeventerCity 956
EnschedeCity 1325
GenemuidenCity 1275
HasseltCity 1252
HengeloCity N/A
KampenCity 1236
OldenzaalCity 1249
SteenwijkCity 1327
VollenhoveCity 1354
ZwolleCity 1230

South Holland

NameCity or TownCity Rights
Alphen aan den RijnTown N/A
DelftCity 1246
DordrechtCity 1220
GorinchemCity 1322
GoudaCity 1272
LeidenCity 1266
RotterdamCity 1340
SpijkenisseTown N/A
The HagueCity N/A
ZoetermeerCity N/A


NameCity or TownCity Rights
AmersfoortCity 1259
NieuwegeinCity N/A
UtrechtCity 1122
VeenendaalCity N/A


NameCity or TownCity Rights
ArnemuidenCity 1574
GoesCity 1405
HulstCity 1180
MiddelburgCity 1217
SluisTown 1290
TerneuzenCity 1584
VeereTown 1355
VlissingenCity 1315
ZierikzeeCity 1248

Some Towns, Cities and Municipality might not have any information within the City rights section, this could be because the information is either not available or before city rights were established and predate any historical records.