Compare Websites Loading Speed

Dueload isolatedtraveller

As you might know website loading time is a massive factor in usability, it affects the site’s google rankings, so it’s a good idea to optimize the sleep of your pages, a slight change even a millisecond matters.

If you want to compare one website who you trying to competite with, there’s a way to check this, with a tool like Dueload, you can check the speed of two ages at the same time, right in your browser.

You can check this elements load first and how different parts of the website load, the quicker the better it is.

Duoload compare websites

The tool is really basic however it does leave a lot of room for improvement that can be done by a community, you can get the free source code on GitHub, download a copy and even host it yourself, so if you have good understanding of programming you can track load times, large HTTP assets, and even adding a 3rd website pane into the mix.