Flag of Aysén Region

Flag of Aysén Region

Flag of Aysén Region

Aysén Region is one of Chile’s 16 primary administrative divisions. Aysén is the third-largest in terms of area, it holds the distinction of being the nation’s least densely populated region. The regional capital is Coihaique, named after the region itself in its earlier nomenclature.

The Aysén flag features a white background with the Aysén coat of arms in the centre.

The shield is one of the older of the Chilean regions and was adopted after a contest. The shield is named Cristal de Nieve.

  • The two horses on the shield are a reference to the region’s history as a major producer of horses.
  • The mountain range represents the Andes Mountains, which run along the eastern border of Aysen.
  • The river represents the Aysen River, which is the largest river in the region.
  • The yellow colour of the shield represents the gold that is found in Aysen.

The text on the shield says “XI Región,” which means “Region XI” in Spanish. This is the Roman numeral for 11, and it refers to the fact that Aysen is the eleventh region of Chile.

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