Flag of Easter Island

Flag of Rapa Nui

Flag of Easter Island

The flag of Easter Island, known in Rapa Nui as Te Reva Reimiro or Te Reva Rapa Nui, represents this unique territory, officially a special territory of Chile.

The flag was first flown in public alongside its parent nation’s flag on 9th May 2006.

Flag of Rapa Nui
Flag of Rapa Nui – Chile


On its white backdrop is a crimson Reimiro, an adornment worn around the chest.

A Reimiro is a traditional ornament from Easter Island, Rapa Nui. It is a distinctive crescent-shaped pectoral worn around the chest. Typically made of wood or stone, Reimiro often features intricate carvings and may have symbolic designs

According to the Indiana University Art Museum:

“The Reimiro was worn by both men and women. It served as an insignia of high rank, and the paramount chief of the island was said to have worn two of them as pectorals and two others on his shoulders on special occasions. The crescent shape may refer to the moon, an association found throughout Polynesia. The significance of the heads is unknown, though they may relate to ancestors.”

Indiana University Art Museum
Easter Island
Adopted9 May 2006
DesignA white flag with a red reimiro in the centre
UseCivil and State Flag

Brief History of the Easter Island Flag

The Te Reva Reimiro had its origins in 1880 when the local population crafted it, signalling a pivotal moment in the island’s history. The flag’s creation was driven by the island’s aspiration to embrace the trappings of a modern state and engage in state-to-state discussions with Chile. However, this dialogue eventually led to the annexation of the island by Chile in 1888.

the flag was informally embraced by the Polynesian inhabitants of the island as a symbol representing their identity. Notably, during this time, the official flag recognized was the white and gold flag of the “Municipality of Easter Island.” Despite its unofficial status, the Te Reva Reimiro carried significant cultural weight.

In 2006, Easter Island was officially designated a “Special Territory.” This designation marked a significant upgrade in its political status. Additionally, for the first time, the optional use of the Rapa Nui name was permitted in government documents.

As part of this recognition and the island’s evolving identity, the Reimiro flag was formally adopted as the official flag of the entity. This decision marked a poignant acknowledgement of the island’s unique cultural heritage and its desire to be represented by a symbol deeply rooted in its history.

Former Flags

Former FlagAdopted 1880 – Relinquished 1899
Former Easter Island flag - Used Between 1880 - 1899A flag characterized by its white background, featuring a central red Reimiro and four black Tangata manu figures placed in each corner.
Former FlagAdopted 1899 – Relinquished 1902
Former Easter Island flag - Used Between 1899-1902A red and white horizontal bicolour flag with a blue square terminating in the upper hoist-side corner of the red band. The blue square contains depictions of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, a cross, and a mitre, and is encircled by vertical red Reimiro motifs.
Flag of Easter Island
Flag of Easter Island