Incredible foods you have to thank the Scottish For



Scotland is located in the north, its part of United Kingdom and its capital city is Edinburgh and its also famous for golf, among other things such as television and the telephone were also invented by the Scots, they also take pride in their history of inventions and discovery’s, and they should do, on average we at least do 1 thing in our daily life that was invented by a Scottish person.

Here are some incredible foods originated from Scotland!



Scottish Tablet or Taiblet in Scottish, has crumbly and sugary texture, its made out of sugar, butter and milk, so its perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth, taiblet first originated in the 18th century in the household book of lady grisell baillie, this is one of them types of food you ether love it or hate it, for sugar lovers, this is perfect for you


Tunnocks Tea cake
This is one of the most famous Scottish products, its known world wide, this first began in Lorne place, Uddingston when Thomas Tunnocks opened Tunoocks bakes shop in 1890 and back then it was one of the most popular catering places in Scotland, however now it ships to over 40 different countries.


Deep fried mars bar

The first mars bar that was fried was actually in 1995 by Haven Chip bar in stone haven but as we all know a fried mars bar is known as a heart attack on the stick… but then again its well worth it.


Irn Bru

Iron bru is the number one selling drinks in Scotland, beating off coca cola and Pepsi who own the market, expect in Scotland, its known as Scotland other national drink, it was first sold in 1901 under the name strachans brew, you can also find the Iron Bru in the Museum of Scotland; there is a range of exhibits selected by celebrities.




Stovies originated from Scotland and it’s a dish that can be created many different ways, this is because its made usually from left overs but its made out of meat, potatoes and various vegetable.


Shortbread originated from Scotland and the first recipe in 1736, shortcake is similar to shortbread but different, shortbread is made from normally egg based biscuits, shortbread is described as the jewel in the crown, its very popular round Scotland but also the rest of Britain.

Other foods that originated from Scotland