15 Interesting Facts About Nice

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Nice, France

Fun and Interesting facts about Nice

  1. Nice has more traffic lights than any other city in France.

  2. Nice has the biggest airport ‘Côte d’Azur’ in France, outside of Paris.

  3. Every day at Noon, a cannon fires from Castle Hill, this was started by Thomas Coventry, An Englishman who insisted on having the cannon lunch at 12 o’clock on the dot.

  4. Nice is the fifth largest city in France by Population size.

  5. Nice Hosts a Carnival every year, around mid-February, this carnival can be dated back as far as 1294.

  6. Europe’s Largest greenhouse, Phoenix Park Floral, which hosts 2,500 different plant Species, is located in Nice.

  7. Nice was founded in the 4th century BC by the Greeks and named Nike after the goddess of Victory, the Greek people believed that the goddess helped them resist an attack by the Ligures.

  8. The Nickname of Nice is Nice la Belle, which means Nice the Beautiful.

  9. The Promenade des Anglais, which means “Promenade of the English”, is 5 miles long path walk, which was built by the English in 1820, who used Nice as a winter resort so they could go for walks along the seashore.

  10. In 1860, the Italian reluctantly gave the city of Nice to France, as a gift for helping them defend itself from the Austrians, This is why the people of Nice speak both French and Italian and the cultural lifestyle, food, colours and Architecture, depicts both French and Italian heritage.

  11. Nice archaeological dig, found that Nice’s earliest tourists arrived almost 400,000 years ago, and came to Nice once a year to hunt woolly mammoths.

  12. Nice’s oldest restaurant opened in 1892, La Mason Baral.

  13. Nice is the French Department Alpes Maritimes Capital city.

  14. The Paillon River separates the new Town to the West from the Old Town.

  15. The best Weather in Nice is from June to October, July is the Warmest month of the Year.


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