LuckyTrip Travel App Experience 2018

lucky trip review and our experience

LuckyTrip is a Travel application for travellers seekings an unexpected and budget-friendly experience from just one tap, the application was founded by Tiff and Alex Burns and was published in 2015 on iOS Platform and LuckyTrip was voted as App Store Award – Best of the year in 2015, Free to download.

The Lucky Trip will gather information such as flights from skyscanner, hotels from and activities to do on your budget anything between £150 to £1000+, of course, by going into the filters settings you can customise a few things such as how many people are travelling with you max 6 people, and choose dates, if you feeling lucky you can choose lucky dates and change how many nights, if you want to make it a little bit more personal choose calender and choose the days you want to go for and even pick up to 5 airports from where you want to take off from, the best part you can pick if you want to stay in hostels, hotels or even apartments, and what type of adventure you are looking for, from culture vulture to love and even a night owl etc.

Our LuckyTrip Experience

lucky trip price bar
LuckyTrip Budget Setting

LuckyTrip allows you to set your own budget, the budget minimal is £150 and goes up to £1000+ depending on how luxurious you want your trip to be, however, I set myself a budget of £200.

luckytrip daily and weekly updates

Everyday Luckytrip gives you unique articles about how you can spend your time in a beautiful city and even explore a place on a budget, it’s well worth a good read, it even gave me a few ideas.

luckytrip filters
luckytrip filters

In the filters section I can choose which airport I wanted to leave from and how many people will be travelling with me and then I felt a bit lucky and went with the dates set as Lucky Mode and the rest of the setting I kept at default.

After a few seconds, Luckytrip found me a trip to Salamanca, Spain for 2 nights at £180, however, I changed the hotel from ‘BeSalamanca ‘ to ‘Sercotel Las Torres’, which cost me £14 extra.

luckytrip booking
lucky trip booking

Booking flights and hotels is really simple, just scroll down and press book, where a menu will pop up saying select your flights and then pick your hotel, once you have done that just press next and processed with entering your details and payments.

Booked a trip to Salamanca! as easy as that.


Explore the city of Salamanca with Isolatedtraveller

Apple Store Rating April 2018

luckytrip iOS rating review

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Issues you may come across

  1. Choosing specific days may decrease the number of offers you will receive.
  2. Planning a holiday for 6 people will also result in less holiday destination.
  3. Make sure you press the like button if you see a destination you like, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to find it again.

A feature I would like: History log of holiday destination the app found, pressing search will usually result in never finding that destination again.