Mahdia, Guyana

Mahdia, Guyana


Mahdia is a town situated in Administrative Region 8, Potaro Siparuni, in the heart of Guyana. Mahdia is the country’s central point, with an altitude of 415 m and an elevation of 1,362 ft.

Mahdia has become a focal point for various activities and industries that contribute to the town’s vibrant character and economic significance.

Brief History of Mahdia

Mahdia was founded in 1884 by African individuals following their emancipation. Many of them journeyed from the regions of Berbice and the East Coast of Demerara in pursuit of gold.

The British Consolidated Mining Company played a pivotal role in extending mining exploration in Mahdia and setting up Colonial Administrative offices. At that time, Mahdia could only be reached via water routes.

The allure of gold mining drew several individuals from St. Lucia to Mahdia, bringing with them the French Patois (Kweol) language and cultural practices, including the celebration of La Rose.

Denham Suspension Bridge

In November 1933, the construction of the Denham Suspension Bridge over the Garraway Stream provided a trail connection between Mahdia and Bartica.

Named after the Colonial Governor at that time, Sir Edward Denham, this cable-suspended bridge remains in active use and has evolved into a popular tourist attraction. In 2018, Mahdia attained town status.

Mahdia, Guyana
Mahdia, Guyana