Mosque of Córdoba

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Mosque of Córdoba

The the Umayyad ruler built the structure in 784–786 however during the  9th and 10th centuries an extension was built that doubled it’s length. Which made it one of the biggest sacred buildings inside the Islamic World.

The ground plan of the finished constructing paperwork a good sized rectangle measuring a hundred and eighty through one hundred thirty metres.

The cloisters that surround it at the north, east, and west. Passing thru the courtyard, one enters at the south a deep sanctuary whose roof is supported by means of a forest of pillars made of porphyry, jasper, and lots of-colored marbles.

Since the 1236, the former mosque has served as a Christian cathedral, and its Moorish character became altered within the 16th century with the erection in the indoors of a critical excessive altar and cruciform choir, numerous chapels along the edges of the good sized quadrangle, and a belfry 300 toes, high in place of the old minaret.

The Local’s know the Mosque of Córdoba as  Mezquita-Cathedral, the first rate Mosque of Cordoba is one of the oldest buildings from when the first time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus within the late eighth century.

The Great Mosque has two areas, the Courtyard and the Praying Hall, the courtyard was built by  Abd al-Rahman III and the Praying hall, The interior area consists of a woodland of columns and red and white arches giving a sturdy chromatic impact. The site is divided into five distinctive areas, corresponding every considered one of them to the distinctive expansions which have befell on it.

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1236 the city of Córdoba was conquered by King Ferdinand III of Castile, and the mosque was changed into a Catholic cathedral, the Construction of the Villaviciosa Chapel and the Royal Chapel within the mosque was overseen by Alfonso X.

Muslims throughout Spain have seek the Roman Catholic Church to permit them to pray within the building, the Islamic Council of Spain lodging a proper request with the Vatican however, Spanish church authorities and the Vatican have hostile this pass. those battles over the cathedral mirror the contested view of what constitutes Spanish history and Spanish identity.


Mosque of Córdoba Mosque of Córdoba Mosque of Córdoba


Calle del Cardenal Herrero, 1, 14003 Córdoba, Spain
Region: Iberian Peninsula
Province: Province of Córdoba
Coordinates: 37°52′45.1″N 04°46′47″W