9 Reasons to go travelling


Travelling around the world shouldn’t need any excuses or reasons but I have provided some of my ideas and hopefully it will make help you make your mind up about what to do and how travelling really benefits you as a person.

Enjoy the Reasons to go travelling

1Travel somewhere you always wanted to go to

We all had a dream at some point in our life to travel to a beautiful city, country or place such as paris, new york, tokoyo, australia etc

2Experience cultures, that you might never new excised

Each country has its own personal culture, some places have multipule cultures but if you are from America/ Europe you might not know how different the otherside lives and what might be normal to them, makes you feel out of place.

Broaden your mind

4Try something new

Going out of your confurt zone and trying a new experince such as sky diving, bungie jumping.

Have fun and party

Enjoy yourself go out there and party a little bit, even if you might not know anyone, you can always make new friends and socialism on your adventures

6Visit a traditional festival or event

Around the world there are lots of traditional festivals and ends happening such as the Festival San Fermin Pamplona Spain, where you run from bulls and the Italian wine festival or the american parids.

try-something-new-1Improves confidence

Travel improves your confidence it throws you in the deep-end and makes you go out there and experience things you wouldn’t of before.

8Undertake an activity you are afraid of

Being afraid of something is normal, we all have our fears, but some activities that people might be afraid of is heights so taking a rock climbing lessons could be useful and it might help you conquer them fears.

See the Wildlife and outdoors

More and more animals are becoming endangered so might not go out and enjoy the animals never know might even enjoy yourself