Tabarca Island

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Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island is a beautiful small island located in the Mediterranean sea, province of Alicante. It’s the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain and well known for it’s marine reserve.

1,800 metres lengthy and measures some 400 metres throughout at its widest point.

The Island is the largest island out of all the small group of island known as the archipelago or the islote de la Cantera, Tabarca Island is protected marine reserve and this draws the scuba divers and snorkelers who swim among the vast numbers of fish and marine life that surround this little island.

Tabarca became the final Spanish Mediterranean area where the seriously endangered Mediterranean monk seal efficiently bred before they become extinct in 1960, This shows that the water quality around the island is one of the best, waters around Tabarca had been declared a Marine reserve in 1986, which was the first type of marine reserve in Spain.

Marine Reserve Authorities laid down artificial reef to enhance the marine biodiversity and protect it from fishing.

Dating back to early day’s, its beaches have been a safe haven for Berber pirates, who attacked the coast however in the 18th century, King Carlos III ordered the island to be fortified and a metropolis constructed, in which to house numerous families of Genoese fishermen who have been being held prisoner in the Tunisian city of Tabarka.

Due to the size of the Island, only being 2 Km Long, it lacks roads and cars, cars are actually rarely seen, each side of the island can be reached on foot, the streets are made of stone and sand, which give it that unique look.

Main attractions of the island are:

The Wall: which surrounds the city area.

Governor’s House: which was planned to be a castle.

Lighthouse: hosts a marine laboratory.

Torre de San José: defensive tower.

Iglesia de San Pedro y San Pablo: its the only church on the island.

You can reach the island from Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm and San Pola.

There are four different ports that give you access to the island:

  1. The port of Alicante.
  2. The port of Santa Pola.
  3. The port of Torrevieja.
  4. The port of Benidorm.

Tabarca Island Plan/ Layout


Autonomous Community: Valencian Community

Province: Province of Alicante