10 Interesting Facts About Montpellier

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Jardin des plantes de Montpellier

Fun and Interesting facts about Montpellier

  1. The University of Montpellier is one of the world’s oldest Universities, established in 1289 by William VII of Montpellier.

  2. Montpellier is the 8th largest city in France.

  3. One of the most famous families in Montpellier was the Guilhem Family who ruled the city for 200 years.

  4. In the 13th century, Montpellier was a very important trading centre between the Mediterranean, Spain and Northern Europe.

  5. The Botanical Gardens in Montpellier are the oldest in France, founded by Henry IV in 1593.

  6. Montpellier was made the Administrative capital of the Languedoc region by Louis XIV, who ruled between 1643 to 1715.

  7. During the 1970’s a massive influx of Algerian people settled in Montpellier.

  8. Between 1999 and 2004, Montpellier experienced a population increase by 1.7%, what’s known as the Baby Boom.

  9. Montpellier main industries include Metallurgy, Electronics, Food Processing, textile weaving and Pharmaceuticals.

  10. The Museum ‘F.-X Fabre contains one of the richest French collection of Painting in existence.

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