25 Interesting Facts About Malaga

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Málaga Cathedral



  1. Malaga is known as one of the World’s oldest cities, Malaga was founded in 770 BC by Phoenicians.

  2. The original name for Malaga is ‘Malaka’ which means ‘Factory’.

  3. During the 6th century, the city was ruled by Ancient Carthage.

  4. The Roman Empire conquered Malaga from the Islamic rule and the city was known as ‘Malaqah’ for 800 years.

  5. The Cristian forces conquered Malaga in 1487, what is known as the Reconquista, which means ‘reconquest’.

  6. Malaga received its coat of arms on August 30th, 1494, it was awarded by the Catholic Kings after the Conquest.

  7. The most famous person was born in Malaga was Artist Pablo Picasso and has his work displayed in Malaga.

  8. Famous Actor Antonio Banderas was also born in Malaga on the 10th of August 1960, Movies: the Mask of Zorro, Spy Kids and Voice of Puss in Boots in Shrek.

  9. Malaga only has 50 days of rain per year and 300 days of Sunshine, Annual Rainfall is 59.7 cm a year.

  10. The Malaga Subway clocks display 59 seconds and not 60 seconds, this is because they use the British style, where a second hand comes to the end and rather than continuing, pauses and then its the minute hand that marks this second, This type of system is used in British stations.

  11. Malaga’s English Cemetery was the first Protestant Cemetery in Spain built since 1821 and the most important.

  12. The first-ever Spanish person to walk around the globe by foot was Malaga citizen, Nacho Dean Mouliaá. the journey started on March 21st, 2013, and ended three years later in 2016.

  13. Malaga is the southernmost large city in Europe.

  14. Malaga is the sixth-largest city in Spain and the Second Largest city in the Autonomous community Andalusia.

  15. The highest temperature ever recorded in Malaga was 43.3 celsius.

  16. Every year over 6.5 million tourists visit the province of Malaga.

  17. Every year Malaga bullfighting season begins in April and Ends In September.

  18. If you’re born in Malaga, you’re a Boquerona, if female and Bonqueron (Anchovy), if your male.

  19. The People of Malaga are known as ‘Malagueños’.

  20. The street of Calle Larios is known as the most elegant street in Spain and is classed as one of the most expensive commercial rents streets in the country.

  21. The Largest Naval Battle in the War of the Spanish Succession on 24th of August 1704, known as the bottle of Malaga, the Naval battle took place in the Sea South of Malaga.

  22. Currently, the most important Business sectors in Malaga are Construction, Technology Services and Tourism.

  23. Malaga is the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain.

  24. Malaga town has the second-largest industrial port in Spain.

  25. Malaga Airport is the third-largest in Spain.

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