10 Amazing Facts about Genoa

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  1. Before Italy was United and became the Italian Republic, Genoa was a republic that included the island of Corsica.

  2. The World’s greatest explorer Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa in 1451 and donated part of his income from the discovery of the Americas to his hometown. His house stands as a Monument.

  3. The People of Genoa are called Genoese.

  4. List of some Famous Genoese people: Andrew Doria, Niccolò Paganini, and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

  5. Europe’s first modern bank opened up in Genova.

  6. The world’s oldest bank, the Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena, dates back to the 12th Century. The first recorded public bond and foreign exchange contract happened in Genova, which dates back to 1150 and 1156.

  7. Pesto was created in Genoa, locals call it Pesto alla Genoverse, which derived from the Genoese verb pesta, which means to ‘to Crush’.

  8. The Worldest oldest Insurance company, the Tam Mari Quam Terra, was founded in Genoa in 1424.

  9. The Golden age of Genoa was in the 16th Century.

  10. Genoa has been a major seaport since the 12th Century.


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