21 Amazing facts about Madrid

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Madrid Spain


Madrid is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and plays a major part in Spanish and European History, from cultural and Social Developments. 

  1. Madrid is the third biggest city in European Union, After London and Berlin, Madrid will be the second biggest City after the United Kingdom Leaves the European Union.

  2. Madrid became the European Capital city of Culture in 1992.

  3. Madrid became the Capital city three times, first in 1561, then 1601 and then 1938.

  4. The Name Madrid could possibly be over 2,200 years old when it was first mentioned in ancient Arabic records, Mayrit or Magerit, which means “Place of Abundant Water”.

  5. Madrid is where the monarch lives and also where the government meets.

  6. The Largest and Busiest Airport is located in Madrid.

  7. Madrid is one of Europe’s highest Capitals at 650 metres above sea level.

  8. Madrid was founded around the 860 A.C.

  9. Warner Brothers Museum is located in Madrid, where everyone can see the characters in their favourite movies.

  10. The Largest bullfighting area in Spain, which can seat almost 25,000 people is located in Madrid.

  11. Madrid’s Prado Museum has one of the finest collections of European art in the world.

  12. Madrid is classed the fourth richest cities in Europe after London, Paris and Moscow.

  13. The only monument to the devil in the world is located in the Retiro Park.

  14. The University of Salamanca located in Madrid is one of the four oldest educational Institutions in Europe.

  15. Real Madrid FC is the world’s most successful football clubs according to FIFA.

  16. In 1930’s during the Spanish Civil War, it was the first European city to be bombed from Air.

  17. Famous People born in Madrid: Rafael Benítez, Fernando Torres, Placido Domingo, Enrique Iglesias and Penelope Cruz.

  18. Spanish Financial centre is Madrid.

  19. The Bankia Tower is the highest building in Madrid and Spain, designed by Sir Norman Foster, who was knighthooded in the Queen’s Birthday honours and was honoured in 1999 with Life Peerage, Becoming Lord Foster of Thames Bank.

  20. The Official Symbol of Madrid is a Bear feasting on berries from the madroño tree, which stands for Madrid’s growth and represents the possession and importance of Wood.

  21. Madrid was ruled by the Romans from the 2nd century and was later occupied by the Moors, until 1083, when the Spanish ruled again.


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