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  • Tower of London

    Tower of London

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    The Tower of London is one of the most well-known attractions in London, It houses the Crown Jewels and has been a part of numerous significant events in British History, tourists all around the world eager to see and learn more about the tower, Its myths and Legends. through the years the Tower of London…

  • Jaén Cathedral

    Jaén Cathedral

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    The Cathedral of Jaén is situated on the ruins of a Mosque, construction began in 1249 and was consecrated in 1724, throughout history the church was damaged and rebuilt a number of times, until the sixteenth century when several architects mainly Andrés de Vandelvira, who was the most important architect, built the biggest part of the Cathedral.…

  • Cawdor Castle

    Cawdor Castle

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    The Cawdor Castle is situated on the east bank of the steep-sided valley of the Allt Dearg, just about five miles south of Nairn. The castle was built around the 15th century, as a tower house throughout the centuries additional parts were added. The castle is listed as a Category A building. The Cawdor Castle…

  • Granada Science Park

    Granada Science Park

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    Granada Science Park or in Spanish ‘Parque de las Ciencias’, is a Science Museum which was founded in 1990 with a new motto “A new kind of Museum” and opened to the public in 1995. The Museum holds permanent and temporary exhibitions. Situated only 1.2 miles from the south of the city centre. The Science…

  • El Bañuelo

    El Bañuelo

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    The Bañuelo baths are situated in the lower area of a private house in Carrera del Darro, which is at the foot of the Alhambra, The Arab baths is one of the few surviving building that were saved from destruction by the Catholic Monarchs. The Baths have been declared a National Monument and was restored by…

  • Royal Chapel of Granada

    Royal Chapel of Granada

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    The Royal Chapel of Granada is situated between the Granada Cathedral and the Church of Sagrario, Built in Isabelline Gothic style,  Were the Catholic Monarchs were buried. The monarchs died before the chapel was finished, and their bodies rested in the convent of the Parador Nacional de Turismo until the Royal Chapel was completed. They chose to be…

  • Sacromonte Caves Museum

    Sacromonte Caves Museum

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    The Sacromonte Caves Museum is situated in the Barranco de los Negros, in the heart of Sacromonte. The Museums purpose is to help you learn and understand the history, culture and nature of the Arab population and when the nomadic Roma began to settle in the caves. The Museum has ten caves which have been…

  • Riverside Museum

    Riverside Museum

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    The Riverside Museum is situated on the Glasgow museum of Transport, which is at the point-house Quay, in the Glasgow Harbor. The Museum opened it’s doors to the public in June 2011, Designed by Zaha Hadid, architects and engineers Buro Happold. The Project cost around £74 Million, the Glasgow city council funded £50.9 million and…

  • Lighthouse of Genoa

    Lighthouse of Genoa

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    The Lighthouse of Genoa also called Lanterna and is situated on the hill of San Benigno, stands at 249 feet and is the worlds fifth tallest lighthouse and is the second tallest “traditional” lighthouse, the lighthouse was built by Masonry in 1128. Since 1543 and until 1902 when the  Île Vierge was built, it was…