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  • Ponte della Maddalena

    Ponte della Maddalena

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    Ponte Della Maddalena is a beautiful bridge situated near the town of Borgo a Mozzano, Its official name in Italian means the Bridge of Mary Magdalene, nevertheless, it is better known by its satanic nickname “Devil’s Bridge”. This probably comes from its amazing shape, a feat of technology for the 11th century when it was…

  • Finchale Priory

    Finchale Priory

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    Finchale Priory is located on the River wear, where the remains of Finchale Priory stands, the castle was founded in the 1196, where the hermitage of St Godric, who was a retired sailor and merchant. Later on the priory became a outpost of Durham Cathedral and was functioned as a vacation retreat for the priests…