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  • Lange Nelle Lighthouse

    Lange Nelle Lighthouse

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    Lange Nelle Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Oostende, Flanders, Belgium, its the tallest lighthouse in Europe standing at 190 ft and 213 ft above sea level, In 1994, the Lange Nelle lighthouse tower was painted white and blue waves, The Light from the lighthouse can be seen 50km Lange Nelle Lighthouse tower has 324 steps

  • Lighthouse of Genoa

    Lighthouse of Genoa

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    The Lighthouse of Genoa also called Lanterna and is situated on the hill of San Benigno, stands at 249 feet and is the worlds fifth tallest lighthouse and is the second tallest “traditional” lighthouse, the lighthouse was built by Masonry in 1128. Since 1543 and until 1902 when the  Île Vierge was built, it was…