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  • Alhambra


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    Alhambra means the red or crimson castle from the Arabic root, this is because of the towers and walls that surround the entire hill of La Sabica, built as a small fortress in 889 AD however the fortress was abandoned until its ruins were rebuilt in the thirteenth century by emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar, who…

  • Palazzo Rosso

    Palazzo Rosso

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    Palazzo Rosso was constructed in 1671 and construction finished in 1677, Pietro Antonio Corradi was the Architect of this historical palace of Genoa and was owned by the Brignole Sale family until 1874. Maria Brignole Sale, duchess of Galliera, left the Palace to the City of Genoa, so it can increase its artistic splendor and…

  • Palazzo Ducale

    Palazzo Ducale

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    Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale or Ducal Palace is one of the city’s most prestigious Palaces. Construction began in 1298 and was completed in 1783, This was the era when Genoa was Asserting economic power throughout the Mediterranean. The Republic bought the Palazo Fiesscho, which was an adjoining building to the Palace and incorporated it to the new…

  • Palazzo Reale di Genova

    Palazzo Reale di Genova

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    The Palazzo Reale is known as the Royal Palace or Palazzo Stefano Balbi is a major palace in Genoa and In 1823 the Palace was sold to the Royal House of Savoy However since 1919 the Palace is now the property of the State. The Construction of The Palazzo Reale first began in 1618 for the…

  • Palazzo Pitti

    Palazzo Pitti

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    The Palazzo Pitti also known as the Pitti Palace, positioned on the south side of the River Arno, short distance walk from the Ponte Vecchio. The palace can be dated back to 1458 and was originally the residence of Luca Pitti, who was a Florentine Banker. In 1549 the Famous Medici Family bought the Palace…