Travel Animations

travel bus animation

Travel websites can be dull and boring, just like any other websites, but you can add cool and funky animations to spice them up, from moving buses to colourful globes animations, here are some cool and funky travel animations, you might enjoy, a great way to get inspired to create your own animations.

Scrolling Globe


See the Pen TRAVEL BLOG by NOTBIGMUZZY (@notbigmuzzy) on CodePen.

Moving Bus with passengers

created by: Chandan Choudhary

See the Pen Travel by Chandan Choudhary (@Cancepto) on CodePen.

Spinning Travel Globe

Created By:Jeff Ballweg

See the Pen Spinning Travel Globe by Jeff Ballweg (@jeffballweg) on CodePen.

Travel Gallery

Created By: Sean Free

See the Pen Travel Gallery (Flexbox and CSS Animations/Transitions) by Sean Free (@seanfree) on CodePen.

Moving Globe With Structures

Created By: loic

See the Pen Travel Animation By Jose Aguinaga by loic (@loic_album) on CodePen.

Discover Atmosphere With Us

Created By:Alen

See the Pen Discover Atmosphere With Us by Alen (@alenvuletic) on CodePen.

Travel Map

Created By:Deepak Dhankani

See the Pen Travel Map by Deepak Dhankani (@moneykani) on CodePen.

Accordion Slider

Created By:GA-MO

See the Pen Accordion Slider Pure CSS by GA-MO (@GA-MO) on CodePen.

Flying Bird In the Sky

Created By:Oscar Andersson

See the Pen Parrot flying in the sky by Oscar Andersson (@oscarandersson) on CodePen.