10 Interesting Facts About Boulder

Facts About Boulder

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Facts About Boulder

  1. Boulder has more used bookstores per capita than any other city in the country.
  2. The estimated population of 108,250, making it the 12th most populous city in Colorado, as of 2020.
  3. Boulder is surrounded by more than 31,000 acres of recreational open space and nature preserves.
  4. Boulder is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, at an elevation of 5,430 feet above sea level.
  5. Boulder‘s Third Flatiron towers are taller than the Empire State Building and have been climbed by people without using their hands, on roller skates, and naked
  6. The city of Boulder has a total area of 17,514 acres including 664 acres of water.
  7. The highest recorded temperature of 104 °F occurred most recently on June 25, 2012. The record low was −33 °F on January 17, 1930.
  8. Boulder is twinned with the following sister cities Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Nicaragua Jalapa, Nicaragua; Kathmandu, Nepal; Kisumu, Kenya; Lhasa, China; Mexico El Mante, Mexico; Nablus, Palestine; Ramat HaNegev, Israel; Yamagata, Japan & Yateras, Cuba.
  9. Boulder is the principal city of the Boulder, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area and an important part of the Front Range Urban Corridor.
  10. The primary water flow through the city is Boulder Creek. The creek was named well ahead of the city’s founding, for all of the large granite boulders that have cascaded into the creek over the eons.
  11. Boulder has been referred to as the “Boulder Bubble” and “28 square miles surrounded by reality.”
  12. The City of Boulder was founded in 1859.
  13. In 1967, Boulder became the first city in the United States to tax itself for funds to be used specifically for the acquisition, management, and maintenance of Open Space.


Facts About Boulder
Facts About Boulder
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