10 Interesting Facts About Cape Coral

Facts About Cape Coral

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Facts About Cape Coral

  1. Cape Coral’s history began in 1957 when two brothers from Baltimore, Maryland, Leonard and Jack Rosen, flew over the peninsula known as Redfish Point, across the Caloosahatchee River near present-day Fort Myers.
  2. In 1957, Cape Coral was founded as Redfish Point.
  3. On September 28, 2022, Cape Coral suffered major damage when Hurricane Ian made landfall nearby.
  4. Cape Coral is sometimes referred to as a “Waterfront Wonderland”.
  5. The city was incorporated in August 1970, and its population continued to grow rapidly until the real estate slowdown that gripped the region beginning in 2008.
  6. Cape Coral has a total area of 120 square miles, of which 110.09 square miles is land and 9.91 square miles is water.
  7. The typical home value of homes in Cape Coral FL is $431137 and the median household income is $61,780.
  8. Cape Coral is a large peninsula and is bordered in the south and east by the Caloosahatchee River and in the west by Matlacha Pass.
  9. The economy in Cape Coral is based on health care services, retail, and real estate/construction.
  10. Cape Coral is the largest city between Tampa and Miami in both population and area, with an estimated population of 204,510, as of 2021.
Facts About Cape Coral
Facts About Cape Coral
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