10 Interesting Facts About Kaposvár

Facts About Kaposvár

Facts About Kaposvár

  • The name of the city derives from the words “kapu” and “vár”, meaning gate and castle in Hungarian. So Kaposvár is the “Castle of gates”. Experts believe that it is possible that the city used to have many gates.
  • Kaposvár has special Partnerships with Cixi, China; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Villach, Austria.
  • The city is enclosed by the gentle knolls of the subregion called Outer Somogy on the north and by the bluff downhill forests of the other subregion Zselic on the south.
  • Kaposvár received Market town status in 1558.
  • The name of the settlement appeared first in 1009 as “Kapos”, in Saint Stephen’s memorandum of association, which fixed the borders of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs.
  • Kaposvár is a city in the southwestern part of Hungary, south from the Lake Balaton.
  • Kaposvár is the most populous city in Somogy County and the second-most populous city in Southern Transdanubia after Pécs.
  • The Estimated Population of Kaposvár is 64,280.
  • Kaposvár is one of the “National City of Sport” in Hungary. The most popular sports in the city are football, volleyball and basketball.
  • Kaposvár is twinned with Koprivnica, Croatia; Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France; Rauma, Finland; Glinde, Germany; Schio, Italy; Darkhan, Mongolia; Miercurea Ciuc (Csíkszereda), Romania; Tver, Russia; Üsküdar–Istanbul, Turkey & Bath, England, United Kingdom.
Facts About Kaposvár
Facts About Kaposvár