10 Interesting Facts About Kuna, Idaho

Facts About Kuna

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Facts About Kuna

  1. Kuna originated as a railroad stop with coach transport to Boise.
  2. The city has a total area of 18.18 square miles, of which 18.08 square miles is land and 0.10 square miles is water.
  3. Kuna is located in Ada County, which was established on December 22, 1864, by the Idaho Territorial Legislature. This county was named in honour of Ada Riggs, who was the first child to be born in this area.
  4. Kuna’s average annual precipitation is 11.1 inches per year.
  5. Kuna is located at 43°29′35″N 116°25′8″W at an elevation of 2,694 feet above sea level.
  6. The translation of the name “Kuna” means “the end of the trail”, but Charles S. Walgamott cites the origin of the name as a Shoshone Indian word meaning “green leaf, good to smoke”
  7. The median age in Kuna is 28.1 years.
  8. Kuna Cave has 50ft of lava tubes that run a quarter of a mile, underground.
  9. The estimated population of Kuna is 19,580, as of 2019.
  10. Kuna’s most notable citizen is Bernard Fisher, awarded the Medal of Honor.
Facts About Kuna
Facts About Kuna
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