10 Interesting Facts About Mažeikiai

Facts About Mažeikiai

Facts About Mažeikiai

  1. Mažeikiai was first mentioned in written sources in 1335.
  2. In 1950 Mažeikiai became the district centre.
  3. Mažeikiai is twinned with: Havířov, Czech Republic; Navapolatsk, Belarus; Lebedyn, Ukraine; Liezen, Austria; Paide, Estonia; Płock, Poland; Saldus, Latvia & Stendal, Germany.
  4. The Population of is Mažeikiai 32,470, as of 2020.
  5. Mažeikiai is the largest city that does not have its own county.
  6. The name of the town is undoubtedly given after a person. In history, there are mentions of a person named Mažeika.
  7. The city is the administrative centre of Mažeikiai district municipality in Telšiai County.
  8. Mažeikiai is the eighth-largest city in Lithuania.
  9. The first oil refinery in the Baltic states began operation in 1980 about 12 miles northwest of Mažeikiai, processing crude oil brought by a pipeline completed in 1977.
  10. Mažeikiai is a city in northwestern Lithuania, on the Venta River.
Facts About Mažeikiai
Facts About Mažeikiai