10 Interesting Facts About Novopolotsk

Interesting Facts About Novopolotsk

Facts About Novopolotsk

  • Novopolotsk is a city in Vitebsk Oblast, Belarus.
  • Novopolotsk is the leading producer in the refining and chemical industry business, in the region of Vitebsk Oblast.
  • The history of Novopolotsk dates back to the year 1958, when a large number of enthusiasts, workers and builders, seeking new experiences and romantic feelings came here to establish a new town.
  • Novopolotsk was Founded in 1958.
  • The Name Novopolotsk means “New Polotsk”, which refers to the city of Polotsk which is located near the city.
  • The Estimated Population of Novopolotsk is 110,000
  • The city now has 12 secondary schools and 2 gymnasiums, many kindergartens and the two subsidiaries of Polotsk State University.
  • Novopolotsk is twinned with Chauffailles, France; Dmitrovsky, Russia; Elektrostal, Russia; Givors, France; Kruševac, Serbia; Kstovo, Russia; Kursk, Russia; Ludza, Latvia; Mažeikiai, Lithuania; Odintsovo, Russia; Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Russia; Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland; Pantelej, Serbia; Pavlovsk, Russia; Płock, Poland; Pushkin, Russia; Skadovsk, Ukraine; Smiltene, Latvia; Ventspils, Latvia & Weihai, China.
  • Novopolotsk has six hotels.
  • The city of Novopolotsk has an a cappella music group, which won an international award.
Interesting Facts About Novopolotsk
Interesting Facts About Novopolotsk