10 Porte du Peyrou Facts

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Fun and Interesting facts about Porte du Peyrou


  1. The Porte du Peyrou was built on the old city walls in 1691.

  2. The Arch was designed by François Dorbay.

  3. The Porte du Peyrou was based on the Porte Saint-Denis model in Paris.

  4. The Porte du Peyrou is located on the highest summit of Montpellier.

  5. climbing 103 steps to the top of the Porte du Peyrou, you can view the beautiful Montpellier and its surrounding.

  6. The Porte du Peyrou is dedicated to the glory of King Louis XIV of France, known as the ‘Sun King’.

  7. In 1715, Panels in bas-relief and inscriptions of the glorifying King Louis XIV of France were added.

  8. The four Reliefs show major events from the reign of Louis XIV: the capture of Namur during the War of the Grand Alliance, in which the figure representing the Dutch Republic kneels before Louis XIV, the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, Louis in the figure of Hercules being crowned by Victory and the digging of the Canal du Midi that links the Bay of Biscay with the Mediterranean Sea.

  9. The Porte du Peyrou is known as the most famous landmark in Montpellier.

  10. The Porte du Peyrou is a triumphal arch.

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