London Coat of Arms and Flag

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Coat of arms and flag of London

London Coat of Arms

Coat of arms London
London Coat of arms

The Coat of Arms of the City of London is the Official coat of arms of London.

The City of London has a number of different shields on which the arms are displayed on and the crest is displayed on a helmet above the shield, supporters on either side and a motto displayed on a scroll beneath the arms.

  • Arms: Argent a cross gules and in the first quarter a sword in pale points upwards of the last.
  • Crest: on a Wreath Argent and gules a dragon’s sinister wing argent charged on the underside with a cross throughout gules.
  • Supporters: on both sides is a dragon Argent charged on the underside of the wings with a cross throughout gules.

The motto of the city is written in Latin “Domine dirige nos” which translates as “Lord, direct (guide) us”, the motto was recorded as early as of 1633.

a banner of the arms, which was designed on the shield, is flown as a flag of the city.

The very first time that the coat of arms appeared was on a seal from 1380, the sword has often been described as a dagger with which Sir William Walworth, who was the Mayor of London, Stabbed the rebel Wat Tyler on June 15th, 1381, it is also said that the sword was granted by King Richard III, as a reward for William Walworth’s services to the King. However, both of the stories have no historical evidence to prove them right.

The dragons on the crest appeared for the first time on an illustration in a book from 1633. The book also first mentions the motto “Domine dirige nos”, Book: The Survey of London by Stow.


Flag of London

Flag of London
Flag of London

The official flag of London is based on the original flag of England, however, unlike the England Flag, it has a cross of St George’s Cross, a white background with a red sword in the upper hoist canton, located on the top left side. It’s believed that the sword represents the sword that beheaded Saint Paul, who is the Patron saint of the city.

The tip of the sword always points upwards, which means when the flag is held on its side as a banner, the sword would point to face hoist and would be located on the left side as its hanging down.

The Flag does not represent Greater London area, Greater London does not have its own flag. only the historical city of London represents the flag and the banner of London.  which only covers 1 square mile.


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