20 Interesting Facts About Porto


Summary About Porto

Porto is a historic and varied city, from the warren of narrow streets that make up the ancient Ribeira district through to the grand plaza of the Trindade district.

The official currency used in Porto is the Euro, like in the rest of Portugal.

The timezone is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This means that it is the same time as London, it is 5 hours ahead of New York and 11 hours behind Sydney.

Facts About Porto

  1. The historic center of Porto was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.
  2. Porto also is known as Oporto in some languages, is the second-largest city in Portugal.
  3. Porto city has a population of 237,559, and a metropolitan area with 2.4 million people, as of 2019.
  4. Porto features a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, with influences of an oceanic climate.
  5. Port wine, an internationally renowned wine, is widely accepted as the city’s dessert wine, especially as the wine is made along the Douro River which runs through the city.
  6. Gustave Eiffel designed one of the bridges over the Douro.
  7. Porto is twinned with: Liège, Belgium; Bordeaux, France; Bristol, England, United Kingdom; Vigo, Galicia, Spain; Nagasaki, Japan; Crotone, Italy; Jena, Germany; Macau, China; Duruelo de la Sierra, Castile, and León, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand; Brno, Czechia; Shanghai, China; Beira, Mozambique; Recife, Brazil; Luanda, Angola; Neves, São Tomé and Príncipe; Ndola, Zambia; Canchungo, Guiné Bissau; Klaipėda, Lithuania; Mindelo, Cape Verde; Castile and León, Spain; Marsala, Italy.
  8. Porto houses the largest synagogue in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in Europe – Kadoorie Synagogue, inaugurated in 1938.
  9. The city of Porto is nicknamed “Invicta”, the word Invicta stands for “que nunca for vencido” or “that was never conquered.”.
  10. Porto is Portugal’s second-biggest city right after Lisbon.
  11. Porto lies at an elevation of 1,172 meters above sea level.
  12. Porto is one of the oldest European centers. history of Porto dates back to around 300 BC with Proto-Celtic and Celtic people being the first known inhabitants.
  13. In 2014 and 2017, Porto was elected The Best European Destination by the Best European Destinations Agency.
  14. The Porto metropolitan area had a GDP amounting to $43.0 billion, and $21,674 per capita, as of 2014.
  15. Every year in October the Porto Marathon is held through the streets of the old city of Porto.
  16. People born in Porto are called “tripeiros” meaning “animal gutters” recalling the name for special traditional dishes, part of the city’s heritage.
  17. Between 1958 and 1960, the Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix was hosted on the streets of Porto.
  18. The Latin name for Porto is Portus Cale from which the country, Portugal, takes its name.
  19. Geographic coordinates: 41º 9’ N 8º 38’ W
  20. The most symbolic landmark of Porto is the baroque tower Torre dos Clerigos.

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