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  • Pitt Rivers Museum

    Pitt Rivers Museum

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    Pitt Rivers Museum is also known as The University of Oxford’s museum of anthropology and world archaeology, founded in 1884 and named after the General and founder of Modern anthropology, Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers, Pitt Rivers Museum

  • Oxford Castle and Prison

    Oxford Castle and Prison

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    Oxford Castle was built in 1071 on earlier Saxon Defences when William the Conqueror took control of England and was victories at the battle of hastings Oxford, he ordered for the castle to be built with a mound, The Castle was left under control of Hereditary constables drawn from the D’Oilly Family. The Initial castle was…

  • Ashmolean Museum

    Ashmolean Museum

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    Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford was founded in 1683, Ashmolean Museum is the oldest public museum in the World and has one of the most important Arts and archaeology collections, Ashmolean Museum received a £61 Million interior renovation which expanded the Museum into 39 new galleries

  • Bodleian Library

    Bodleian Library

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    Bodleian Library was established at the University of Oxford by Thomas de Cobham and is the main research library of the University, Bodleian Library is one of the oldest in Europe and second largest library in Britain, Bodleian Library is composed of five buildings, Bodleian Library archives were digitised for public access

  • 22 Interesting Facts About Oxford

    22 Interesting Facts About Oxford

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    Interesting facts about Oxford   The University of Oxford is the Worlds Second Oldest University. The Name Oxford comes from the World Oxanforda, which means cattle crossing. During the Civil War from 1642 to 1646, Oxford was the Capital of England. During the World War II, England was never bombed because Hitler was intending to use…

  • Photographs of Oxford

    Photographs of Oxford

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    Oxford is located in the central southern England, its well known for its University that dates back to the 12th century. Information and statistics  Time zone GMT (UTC0) Postcode: OX1, OX2, OX3, OX4 Area code: 01865 Founded 8th century City status 1542 Official website: Photographs Location Oxford, South East England Region, England Coordinates: 51°45′7″N…