10 Interesting Facts About Olomouc

Facts About Olomouc

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Facts About Olomouc

  • Olomouc is the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic.
  • Olomouc is in the centre of the historical region, Moravia. In the past, Olomouc was the capital city of Moravia.
  • Palacký University, the oldest in Moravia and second oldest in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1573 as part of an effort to reestablish Roman Catholicism in the country.
  • Olomouc contains several large squares, the chief of which is adorned with the Holy Trinity Column, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Asteroid 30564 Olomouc was named after the city.
  • Olomouc is twinned with Antony, France; Kraków, Poland; Kunming, China; Lucerne, Switzerland; Makarska, Croatia; Nördlingen, Germany; Old Town (Bratislava), Slovakia; Owensboro, United States; Pécs, Hungary; Subotica, Serbia; Tampere, Finland  & Veenendaal, Netherlands.
  • The estimated population of Olomouc is 100,408.
  • Olomouc is the administrative centre of the Olomouc Region and the sixth-largest city in the Czech Republic.
  • The average evaluation of Olomouc is 219 m
  • The first documented evidence of the town dates back to 1055 and, in terms of historical significance, Olomouc ranks second only to Prague.
Facts About Olomouc
Facts About Olomouc
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